Math success or failure makes a big difference

   Many kids struggle with math. Some kids are sad, angry, or frightened sitting through class. Their parents and teachers may suffer with them as kids cry over their homework or refuse to learn. It can affect their confidence and attitude in other classes and in school in general.

   Right Brain Math is not only effective in teaching math, specifically the times tables. But one of its main benefits is that it creates a positive attitude about math as kids have fun playing with patterns while learning. Patterns are addictive because they are fun, and kids often go way beyond the class instructions. Kids will create the Sevens or Eights to 100 times 7 or 8, just because it is easy and THEY CAN.

   This makes a kid feel powerful as they “own” numbers and get friendly with bigger numbers.
Even kindergarten students have created the whole times table. See the free Mister Numbers videos (some are animated) which have almost million views.

"As the administrator for a K-8 program, I am convinced that this system is 
appropriate for children in second through eighth grade. Not only is this system a 
handy way of learning multiplication, I believe that it also builds better number sense.”
– Bev Abrams, principal

Right Brain Math header    YYou can order EZ Times Table book that explains Right Brain Math and how to make an EZ Times Table. It includes copy privileges for one classroom for blank tables, the factor Table, instruction pages, a Prime Number page, and more.
If you are a small school, you can buy 4 and get a DVD free. Each book comes with copy privileges above for one classroom. Call Pattern Play Math at 805-967-0469 or email MisterNumbers.

   LICENSING for a school or district:

Right Brain Math is available as a complete system. It is available under licensing agreement that includes Right Brain Math books, Each teacher gets access to the Right Brain Math Ebook, copy privileges for the school of worksheets and Tables, 2 MisterNumbers DVD’s with 14 shorts from Youtube, and phone support. Call Right Brain Math toll-free 888-DIG-MATH (888-344-6284) or email.


As well as being the creator of Right Brain Math and producing this system, I have also developed an in-service training for teachers. I am available to teach your teachers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Omaha and Twin Cities areas. Other areas can contact me for availability. I will come to your school in person and lead this training for your teachers. Contact Pattern Play Math by email or call 805-967-0469.

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Editiorial below in the Los Angeles Times 6/9/08 focuses on
the importance of learning the times tables:

Title: Math problem:
As California debates algebra testing, educators must remember to put learning first

"The problem begins long before middle school;
in fact, one of the major factors is failure to master multiplication tables"

I believe most kids will be enjoying learning with the Right Brain Math approach in ten years. Your students deserve it sooner than that. It is fun, playful, and uses many ways to learn. Order a single Right Brain Math book to understand how it works, or ask about licensing. Your students, parents, and teachers will reward you with smiles.
Order the book “Right Brain Math”
Email Right Brain Math for School or District licensing or call phone toll-free 888-DIG-MATH (888-344-6284)
Email Right Brain Math for In-Service Trainings or call phone toll-free 888-DIG-MATH (888-344-6284)


Right Brain Math
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Contact Pattern Play Math by email or call 805-967-0469.