Build a Fun Foundation for Math and Make it Fun and Effective 

Many kids, parents and teachers struggle with math. A Number Wheel (a number line to 10 wrapped in a circle) is a great structure that reveals Visual and Auditory and Kinesthetic patterns hidden in numbers that create a positive experience and attitude about math for kids and adults. Attitude is at least half the battle and kids move and play as they learn math fundamentals.

A Number Wheel is a 10-based structure that kids as young as 3 or 4 (and parents and teachers) experience as cool and easy to learn.Simple language and visual patterns based on the Ones digits end confusion and help kids easily learn to count and name numbers. A Number Wheel structure also creates a continuity of learning from counting to addition, subtraction, place value, multiplication, division, squares, fractions, and negative numbers. Seeing the patterns on a Number Wheel helps integrate the learning and minimize frustration and regression.

Using different forms (floor mats, chalk, paint, geoboards, Flying Number Wheels, laminated worksheets, kids creating their own, and puzzles) appeal to different learning styles and connect to real world learning (like vertical, horizontal, parallel, spacing, and geometric terms).

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