"How I wish I'd had this as a child. I just had flash of memory: standing up in class having to recite the multiplication tables--fear, contraction, tension. It was such a huge effort to memorize." –a parent

    Many kids struggle with math. Crying, sweating, embarrassed, terrified, some kids are so scared they think they are going to die. Or maybe be bored to death. Teachers and parents suffer along with them.

   Good teachers are always looking for something that helps, and Right Brain Math can make a difference, and be fun for you and your kids.

"The students love it!  It makes so much sense.  It’s great!"  - Jenny, 3rd   grade teacher


Playing with numbers and patterns is an effective way to learn.

“The EZ TIMES  TABLE  is a helpful tool for both remediated and excelled math students.  Students are able to construct the entire multiplication table using this ingenious format.  Number patterns are laid out for discovery.  My students enjoyed the success of zipping through the process."                                                                                                        -Teresa, Third Grade Teacher


Right Brain Math bookThe book, Right Brain Math is an introduction to a right brain Path to Math and gives instructions for having students create an EZ Times Table. Each step is illustrated in a full 8.5” x 11” table with fun graphic images. On each direction page there is a “More Information” section for teachers for additional ideas, suggestions, options, and more.
Even some kindergarten kids have had fun creating the times table. See a video of Oscar having fun creating the EZ Times Table.

EZ Times TableThe EZ Times Table can be used for addition in Kindergarten and first grade, and uses the same structure over the years to move to subtraction, multiplication, division, factors, place value, and prime numbers. It also has a link with slope graphs and teaches kids to make and read tables.

“I am excited about the EZ TIMES TABLES and its structured, concrete, and logical approach to multiplication and division.   I taught my 22 Fourth graders how to build their own EZ TIMES TABLES and their comments reflected their discoveries as the inquiry process helped them see the relationships between numbers and facts.   I also presented EZ TIMES TABLES at a faculty meeting and 6 teachers asked for a copy so they too could teach EZ TIMES TABLES to their students.”     
                                                -Francis, 3rd grade teacher

Experience Right Brain Math NOW! (watch a 60 second video)

Right Brain Math is a fun, easy, and effective way to learn math. Pattern play is fun to teach and fun to learn.
Use it for your own kids or buy a copy to improve your school.

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