I want to show you that Numbers are your friends and that you can play with Numbers.

    To play with numbers on tic-tac-toe squares or number circles, grab paper and pencil and watch videos HERE.

      In Right Brain Math we play with numbers. we have fun with numbers as friends.  They show us their secrets. We get to know them and see how they relate to each  other. Did you know that the Threes and Sevens Times Tables are the same in many ways? And the Twos and Eights? and Fours and Sixes? Ones and Nines? All the numbers that add up to 10 use the same number patterns. It is cool and fun to figure out and use the patterns to create the Times Tables yourself. You can come back to these patterns to learn each new math idea. Watch the videos




  Also check out my MisterNumbers videos on Youtube. Click for The Threes  and Sevens on the Magic Blackboard. You will find out that you can create the Threes and Sevens starting with the same patterns (a tic-tac toe square) and the same numbers. You can also create the Twos, Fours, Sixes, Eights, and Nines from fun patterns.
  Even Kindergarten students have had fun making the EZ Times Table which creates the whole times table from neat patterns.

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Numbers are dependable
You can COUNT  on numbers
You can PLAY with numbers
Numbers can be friendly companions your whole life.