Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Right Brain Math?

A: Right Brain Math is an approach to teaching math that focuses on visual and auditory patterns which results in fun, friendly, and effective learning that makes sense to a kid's mind. It was created by Thomas Biesanz and presented in his book, "EZ Times Table".

Q:  Don’t kids need to drill with tables and flash cards to learn math?

A: While it is true that kids need to remember the times table, focusing on rote memory by itself can be counter-productive. As students create the times table from patterns in Right Brain Math, they become familiar with the numbers and patterns and soon master the individual math facts. Right Brain Math techniques also work well with other approaches. See the Threes and Sevens videos on Experience page.


Q: Sometimes kids can come up with the right answer but not know what it means.  Does Right Brain Math help students understand math fundamentals?

A:  Right Brain Math results in students creating overviews of the times table and factor sets. This helps them see how numbers relate to each other and view the bigger picture.

"Not only is this system a handy way of learning multiplication, I believe that it also builds better number sense."
 -- Bev Abrams, Charter School principal


Q: Kids have calculators now to do multiplication. Is there less need to learn the times tables?

A: A kid with a calculator without number sense is like a person driving without a map or a sense of where they are going. They get into trouble without any awareness that they are lost.


Q: Is Right Brain Math about having fun or learning Math?

Answer: YES!!!! It is about having fun WHILE learning math. This positive attitude results in long term retention.

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