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Right Brain Math Videos from MisterNumbers:

MisterNumbers Right Brain Math videos have almost 2 million views.

Threes, Sixes, and Nines on Tic-Tac-Toe Squares



This is a quick, fun and powerful animated video to expand the Tic-Tac-Toe method to include the Threes, the Sixes, and the Nines.

With 3 tic-tac-toe squares and simple patterns, kids have suddenly created the Threes, the Sixes, and the Nines. They also see how the Threes, Sixes, and Nines are connected.

Suddenly numbers are friendlier and math is not scary, it is even fun!


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MisterNumbers gives an overview of the power and fun of Right Brain Math

Pretty cool huh? The EZ Times Table book has instructions to create the whole times table from playful patterns, and also fun patterns for the Ones, Twos, Threes, Fours, Sixes, Sevens, Eights, and Nines. For the price of a movie and popcorn, you can get the book, EZ Times Table. It comes with a 90 day guarantee. You have nothing to lose and your kids have a lot to gain. The EZ Times Table book comes with 8 extra playsheets to create each of the numbers up to 40 times the number). The book and the Right Brain Math DVD together are only $17.95.    At the last workshop, 3 kids made their parents wait after it was over, because they were feeling so empowered they wanted to finish all the worksheets.

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©Magic Math for 7's Multiplication, Learning the Times Table

This is a fun, animated video of how to create the Sevens. Watch it being done on the Magic Blackboard, an animated teaching tool. This video has over 125,000 views, amazing animation and awesome results!!!!!!!!! The pattern for the ones-digits of the Sevens is the same as the Threes but reversed. This is because of the rule of Tens: Numbers that add up to ten (like 3 and 7) have reversed patterns in Right Brain Math on Tic-tac-toe squares and on number wheels.


5 yr old Oscar Learns Multiplication in an Hour© over 48,000 views (5 minute video) A kindergarten student creates the whole times table.



This is 5 minutes from a 1 hour session where 5-year-old Oscar creates the whole times table from fun patterns and sees how the patterns relate. By the end of the hour, he uses it to multiply and understand multiplication.
This video is using the EZ Times Table, which is awesome. After creating the EZ Times Table over 2 years ago, and seeing the excitement of kids learning math from fun patterns, I quit my teaching job with the encouragement of other teachers and the principal to share it with the world. All kids needs to create the whole times table is to count to ten, know the even numbers, and count by 5's.  Watch how excited Oscar gets as he sees the patterns and creates the times  tables.

Below is an animated video on the fascinating world of Number Circles. This one is for the Fours and Sixes, but below are  videos for the Twos and Eights and another video on the Threes and Sevens.


This video uses a number wheel to skip count around the ones-digits by Fours and then by Sixes. You will see that they both create the same 5 pointed STAR pattern, but in reversed direction. Like the 3's and 7's on the Tic-Tac-Toe Squares, the "Rule of Tens" makes if fun and easy. The table adds a great structure for finding the pattern of the tens-digits that also repeats in a fun way to create the Fours and Sevens as high as you want.

Here is the Twos and Eights on a Number Wheel making a Pentagon.



An amazing pentagon with the Twos and the Eights. The Number Wheel shows clearly my "Rule of Tens": Numbers that add up to 10 (like 2 and 8) create the same pattern, but backwards. Starting anywhere on this wheel, going forward 2 always takes you to the same number as going back 8. And going forward 8, always take you to the same number as going back 2. Both patterns create the same pentagon (but create it backwards). For the Fours and Sixes, both patterns create the same 5 pointed star. For the Threes and Sevens, both patterns create the same 10 pointed star. And the Ones and Nines both create the same 10 sided decagon (again backwards).

Here is the Threes and Sevens animated video on a Number Wheel



This video shows how both the Threes and Sevens create the same fancy star on the number wheel! On a number wheel with ten numbers, does going forward three or back seven take you to the same number? YES! WOW! Does going forward 7 or back 3 take you to the same number? YES! So starting at 0, they create the same pattern in opposite directions. Again and Again? YES! Watch the 369, 258,147,0 patterns repeat for the Threes and the same pattern repeats backwards for the Sevens. Look at when it goes past 0, and see how and where the tens go up.
Now look at the tic-tac-toe square video, and see the same 369,258,147,0 pattern for Threes and backwards 741, 852,963,0 for the Sevens. Numbers are fun and friendly!

Introduction to the EZ Times Table. Here is an incredible tool for kids to understand addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, & more.



This video shows how to create the Ones and Twos on the EZ Times Table. They will later create the Threes through the Nines. But just the Ones and Twos next to each other, created by the kids is incredibly powerful. Kids can add, subtract, double, multiply by two, divide by Two, and half numbers. They can understand all these concepts in the easiest form that makes sense to them.

This animated video shows what digits are so we can play with them.


This video plays with the meaning of digits, what they are, and what we mean by ones-digits, tens-digits, and hundreds digits. The animation is great for kids to understand how to use digits on the number wheel, tic-tac-toe squares and in the EZ Times Table. The visual look at digits is a great help to understand this basic math concept.

The History of Right Brain Math and how it helps

This video shows what the right-brain approach to math is, how it works, and why it is important. It shares what kids say, parents and teachers and principals say, and how it can be used with other approaches to teaching math. Sit back and enjoy learning what Mister Numbers has been up to. p.s. current views of MisterNumbers math videos have over 1,100,000 views and he has presented to several math conferences, including the largest math teachers conference in California in Palm Springs (CMC South).

Put the Right Brain Math system to work for you:

   You can order the ebook, EZ Times Table, now for only $10.95, or include the DVD for a total of $17.95. You can see the patterns for all the numbers (There are 5 different ways to make the Sixes alone from fun patterns). Feel proud as your kids create the THREES to 100 times 3, and the SEVENS to 100 times 7.
   The EZ Times Table itself is a wonderful base for understanding numbers. Kids create a fun structure for the whole times table. This simple table moves effortlessly from addition to multiplication, showing how the numbers relate to each other. Your kids create it all from a blank table. They smile as they own the numbers. You will smile as they feel better about math and themselves.

WHY IS IT SO CHEAP? Mister Numbers is semi-retired and a grandpa 5 times over. The book and DVD could cost 3-5 times more and be worth it, but Mister Numbers wants to help your kids enjoy math and gives his videos away on Youtube to kids and adults who want to learn math while playing. The book adds dozens of graphics, tables, and worksheets.

  For the price of a music CD, you can get the ebook, EZ Times Table. It comes with a 90 day guarantee. You have nothing to lose and your kids have a lot to gain. Go HERE for more information about the book and DVD and ordering them securely through Paypal using a credit card. Order both for only $17.95 (a 35% discount)
Your kids are worth it.

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