5 IPhone Apps by Pattern Play Math (ALL FREE)

Wheel Math 4 U FREE - a cool way to play with the 4s & 6s on a number wheel WheelMath4U iphone app from Right Brain Mathiphone app

TicTacToeThrees: FREE - Create the Threes in different ways on TicTacToe Download the TicTacToeThrees iphone app

TicTacToeSevens: Free - Create the Sevens in different ways on TicTacToe TicTacToeSevens iphone app from Right Brain Math

Wheel Math Wheel Fun: 99 free- All the times tables played on Number Wheels WheelMathWheelFun iphone app from Right Brain Math

TicTacToeTimesTable: free - Threes and the Sevens to 3 levels on TTT Squares TicTacToeTimesTable iphone app from Right Brain Math



Wheel Math Wheel Fun and TicTacToe Times Table Iphone Apps

Wheel math Iphone App from Mister Numbers Tic Tac Toe Times Table IPhone app by MisterNumbers


All four of my children love the Wheel Math app. Using number patterns to create shapes is both great fun and a fantastic way of learning multiplication. My children, like most children, love to think creatively. Wheel Math allows them to do this in a constructive manner with real results. It also teaches them to understand how patterns can be found and followed in almost anything!

— -Mom to 4 homeschoolers

-"Number wheels are fun, and this is like climbing in one and driving it."
-"A delicious treat for students and teachers alike."
-"Worth way more than the price".
-"Goes well with MisterNumbers Youtube videos"
-"Makes math fun! App visually shows how the decimal system works in a circular way and makes the times tables easy to learn. A great tool and “wheel” fun. "An app my 11 year old can enjoy. Most math apps are easy and bore her quickly. This one makes her think and take her time. Great fun even for adults."
"Nice app for kids learning multiplication, it is fun and I saw big improvements of my 6 and 8 years kids. Great and thank you!"
"I love the playful nature of this app and how it shows these interesting relationships between numbers on a wheel. Makes learning about numbers fun for kids of all ages. My 15 year old son likes it too. For visual learners like myself, this tool will be a big help learning multiplication and just enjoying the beauty of numbers."

This app makes multiplication fun for kids and kids at heart. The patterns quickly emerge, and as an adult, I saw the fascinating patterns that the different numbers take on the wheel. I also was interested in creating, and then viewing with my own eyes, the interconnected relationships between multiplication, addition, and subtraction. It’s a whole new way to think about math- easier and prettier than the way I learned in school. Also my three-year-old likes the sounds, and can do the number wheel himself since the application is easy to follow; he says “ I want to do the threes!” Although clearly he cannot enjoy it on as many levels as I can, we both definitely like it.!

— -Oakley

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Wheel Math 4 U iphone app will teach the Fours and Sixes times tables on a fun number wheel FREE.

Wheel math for you IPHONE APP by MisterNumbers Right Brain Math
Tic Tac Toe Threes
will teach the Threes in an amazing way on a Tic Tac Toe Square FREE.

Tic Tac Toe IPhone app by Right Brain Math
Tic Tac Toe Sevens will teach the Sevens on a Square and show how the Sevens are similar to the Threes. All three of these free apps are powerful teaching tools.
2 APPS for $ 0.99 each



You can pick any number from 1-9 and create patterns on the number wheel. You literally see the times table, the number you are reaching, and the pattern. You hear fun sounds, voices and see fireworks.
A whole new way to learn the times table.
"Wheel Math 4 U" app which is a lite application for the Fours and Sixes on a number wheel. You can make the star, learn the times table, and keep going and going. Great FUN!

"Wheel Math" iPhone App by Right Brain Math shows the pattern of all numbers on a number wheel.

Wheel Math Wheel Fun IPhone App


Tic Tac Toe Times Table iphone app teaches the 3s, 7s, 6s, 9s, and 14s
Tic Tac Toe Times Table showing Sixes


  Tic Tac Toe app revealing the Sixes
The Tic Tac Toe Times Table app reveals the Sixes


Tic Tac Toe Times Table app revealing the Nines

The Tic Tac Toe Times Table App reveals the Nines

Tic Tac Toe Times Table IPhone App by MisterNumbers
Ask a friend with an iphone or iPod touch to download them for you. You will both be pleased.

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Here is the INFO page off the Wheel Math App

Logo for MisterNumbers Sevens at 70 on Wheel Math app

Links are below to many MisterNumber free videos on number wheels if you want to see more. They are available at MisterNumbers.com and have over 300,000 views and 5 star ratings.


Wheel Math Wheel Fun APP: Directions and Suggestions

If the directions are not clear, watch the video ( top left corner). Choose and tap a number 1-9 at the bottom. It lights up with an orange circle and you are ready to do that number on the wheel. Let’s say you have tapped the 4 and it is in an orange circle at the bottom of the app.

When you start out, count 4 clockwise on the wheel from 0, then tap the 4 on the wheel. A line should go between 0 and 4. Count around 4 more from 4 and tap the 8, a second line will go between 4 and 8. Count 4 more around and tap the 2, and a red line goes from 8 to 2. (Notice that you have gone past 0 and there is a red 1 on the right making it 12. Go around 4 more to 6 and tap the 6, a fourth line.  Go around 4 more and tap the 0 (Notice that the red 1 becomes a 2 making 20. Your 5 lines should have made a star.
When you get to 0, enjoy the kids voices and fireworks. You can’t do anything until they are done. When “Around Again” flashes, tap it and the lines disappear. You may have to tap it twice. Then 20 still shows and you can start by tapping 4 on the wheel again and a line will be drawn and 24 shows up on the right. You are playing on the wheel and creating the Fours (notice the 4 x 6 = 24 at the top).
Continue until you get to 80 (4 x 20 = 80). After the sounds and fireworks and END shows up, tap “Fours Again” to start over.
If you get stuck at any point, The sequence of number for FOURS ones-digits on the wheel is 4-8-2-6-0,   If your last line went to one of these numbers, tap the next number.

The other ones-digits (or Ones-ies) are:
Ones are 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0
Twos are 2-4-6-8-0
Threes are 3-6-9-2-5-8-1-4-7-0 or you can break it into 3-6-9---2-5-8---1-4-7---0. The 3 number groups start with 3, then 2, then 1, and add 3 to each number.
Fours are 4-8-2-6-0
Fives are 5-0
Sixes are 6-2-8-4-0 (Fours backwards, 0 at end)
Sevens are 7-4-1-8-5-2-9-6-3-0 (Threes backwards, then 0) 7-4-1---8-5-2---9-6-3---0. The 3 number groups start with 7, then 8, then 9, and subtract 3 from each number.
Eights are 8-6-4-2-0 Twos backwards, 0 at end.
Nines are 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0

Ones and Nines on the Number WheelTwos and Eights on the Number WheelThrees and Sevens on the Number WheelFours and Sixes on the Number WheelFives on the Number Wheel

At any point tap “Watch Video” on top left

Other Suggestions

Google "MisterNumbers". Go to MisterNumbers Youtube Channel and watch any of the videos on Number Wheels or videos about individual numbers on the IPhone App.
Buy the book (EZ Times Table, re-printing as Right Brain Math) and DVD (1 hour) at RightBrainMath.com for only $17.95
Buy the Number Wheel worksheets for $3.95
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Learning Math times tables can be boring and frustrating and kids often develop a negative attitude about numbers. Number Wheels give kids a chance to play with numbers and learn the times tables, while developing a positive attitude about math. They ask to do it again.


   A Number Wheel is just a number line to 10 that is bent into a circle. When you count around the wheel past 9 you go back to 0. This is silly but it gives kids an opportunity to view lots of cool patterns when we focus on the Ones-Digits, nicknamed the Ones-ies. Tens-digit (Tensies) patterns also show up in different 3-D ways and when kids put them together they create the times tables. Other places that we see number wheels are car mileage odometers, gas and electric meters, and combination locks where the last wheel shows the Ones-ies.


Focus on having Fun and Playing on the Wheel. Be Curious. As kids get familiar with the Number Wheels, patterns become obvious. Learning to notice patterns is a natural and important learning strategy. Here are some, but not all of patterns you may find:

Two groups (and Fives)

  1. Twos, Fours, Sixes, and Eights:
    1. use 2468 in different orders and then 0.
    2. Eights are backwards Twos, both make Pentagons
    3. Sixes are backwards Fours, both make Stars
  2. Ones, Threes, Sevens, and Nines
    1. Touch numbers 1-9 each once and then 0
    2. Nines are backwards Ones and make decagons (10 sided figures)
    3. Sevens are backwards Threes (both make SuperStars)
  3.  Fives just go up and down from 0 to 5 and 5 to 0.

Forward 8 on the wheel is the same as back 2, a shortcut path. This is true for all numbers that add up to 10.

Look for patterns that indicate when the Tens are going up,

Similar patterns show up on tic-tac-toe squares and EZ Times Table in my book.

  1. Going to or past 0
  2. Different sounds
  3. Going to a smaller number
  4. UP is Same-UP Pattern (to right of wheel) indicates Tens go up by 1.
    Example for Twos: Same, Same, Same, Same, UP (2-4-6-8-0 means Tens go up at each 0)


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