Sarah Jane learns the EZ Times TableMisterNumber's Right Brain Math videos have over a million views. MisterNumbers educational videos reach 50+ countries around the globe. Right Brain Math's Book, Ebook, and "Pattern Power" DVD's are being sold in over 25 countries.

Right Brain Math is a whole new way to teach math. It is a fun, easy, and effective way to learn Math. Kids create simple structures where they play with patterns and create the times tables. Right Brain Math plays with visual patterns, rhythms, overviews, and relationships of numbers.

Right Brain Math helps numbers reveal secrets to their friends, the students.

Right Brain Math plays with the smaller parts of numbers and includes the big picture. It plays with the whole times table and sometimes just the ones-digits number (we call them the Ones) patterns.

Right Brain Math is more fun, quicker, and provides better retention, and deeper understanding than other ways to teach math.

Right Brain Math creates confidence, self-esteem, and a positive attitude about math.

Right Brain Math Makes Friends with Numbers

“I am excited about the EZ TIMES TABLES and its structured, concrete, and logical approach to multiplication and division. I taught my 22 Fourth graders how to build their own EZ TIMES TABLES and their comments reflected their discoveries as the inquiry process helped them see the relationships between numbers and facts. I also presented EZ TIMES TABLES at a faculty meeting and 6 teachers asked how they could teach EZ TIMES TABLES to their students.”

-Francis, 3rd grade teacher

10 Big Benefits Showing of Right Brain Math's EZ Times Table

1. Kids have fun while they reveal the whole times table from patterns.
2. Students combine learning with playing with patterns (right brain). They are motivated and form a positive attitude toward math.

3. Kids get an overview of numbers. EZ Times Table (EZTT) creates a structure, a one page graphic organizer, for understanding numbers that makes sense to kids. Factors and squares are immediately recognizable in EZTT.

4. EZTT is appealing to a variety of students, and effective because it is based on multiple learning strategies (right brain).
 Different kids see different patterns and learn in their own way.
5. EZTT is based on the Ones and Twos, which are easy for students. This helps students "own" multiplication because it makes sense to them.
6. EZTT can be seen as multiplication OR repeated addition. "Oh, we are just adding fours!"

7. EZTT can be used in kindergarten to teach a number line, and in first grade to teach addition and subtraction. It can use the same structure to flow effortlessly into multiplication, and then to division, tables, graphs, place value, factors, and prime numbers.

8. EZTT teaches pattern recognition which is important in all areas of learning (right brain).
9. EZTT is complementary to other math teaching methods such as arrays, object grouping, grids on graph paper, flash cards, Circles and Stars (Marilyn Burns), number lines, and more.

10. EZTT fits kids learning style, which is more right brained, interested in rhythm, patterns, sound, relationships and an overview of "how it works".


Author Tom Biesanz   Tom Biesanz is also MisterNumbers on Youtube and many other video sites.  He taught an advanced math class at a charter school and then taught test preparation.

   He developed Right Brain Math to help individual students who were refusing to do ANY math problems. He based it on the Ones and Twos, which the students were willing to explore. The students played with the patterns and changed their ability and their attitude about math. He had no intention of creating a math system.

   However he found that kids who had been stuck and confused quickly understood and had fun with the patterns. Kids with varied learning styles enjoyed learning it and soon he was teaching teachers about this revolutionary approach to teaching math.

   He wrote the book EZ Times Table and has a patent pending on Right Brain Math. EZ Times Table has been written up in Curriculum Review magazine in September 08 issue. MisterNumbers did a presentations at the California Math Council (CMC is the largest affiate in the country of the National Council of Teachers of Math, NCTM)convention in Monterey and Palm Springs.

Math Teachers at convention rate Right Brain Math: “Exceeds Expectations”
MisterNumbers (author Tom Biesanz) also presented at the California Math Council (CMC) Conventions in Monterey and Palm Springs. CMC is the largest affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Math (NCTM) in the country. Most teachers that attended rated the 90 minute workshop as “EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS” and are excited to teach Right Brain Math visual patterns and “big pictures” to students 2nd-12th grade.
Some of their comments were:
“Great way to break down the multiplication chart! I can’t wait to show my students!”
“Nice way of looking at patterns. You created visuals I hadn’t seen before.  Believe me, many H.S. students struggle with multiplication still.”
“So easy to understand. Good handouts. Good ideas for my struggling students. I will use these.”
“Awesome workshop. EZ Times Table is an excellent tool to teach students math.”
“Enjoyed the presentation. I feel that these concepts will be beneficial to me in helping my students (5/6) better learn multiplication facts.”
“Great Ideas. Very Useful. Have him back!”
 “I appreciate the connection to other math concepts, like factors.”
“Teaching HS, I see a lot of students who struggle w/multiplying. They still love visuals, puzzles & games though, so I’m anxious to show them your ideas!  Thank You!”
“I will use this with my low level 6th grade math.”
“Great Concept!”
“Excellent Workshop.  Great tool for teaching students their times tables. EZ Times Table Rocks!”

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