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Number Wheels I am Tom Biesanz, MisterNumbers on Youtube, with 1.5 million viewers as well as the author of several books including the Right Brain Math book. I have presented to Math Teacher Conventions. This is for you are a parent or teacher and your kids struggle with math concepts and the multiplication tables. Help your kids have fun while learning math effectively.

What is Possible!

  1. This right brain approach will help your kids to gain confidence and mastery around math and multiplication.
  2. This will help your kids (and you) develop a positive attitude about math.
  3. This will help you discover your kids unique learning style and help them succeed through school and life.
  4. Your kids will get an overview that allows them to both learn individual facts and see the overview that ties math concepts together.
  5. They will also be learning how to discover patterns (important lifelong in having fun learning).

Adult Learners also Love Pattern Play Math

LISTEN to a woman's 1 minute request for Right Brain Math to be used with adult learners.

Pattern Play Math is a Right-brain path to starting over with the big pictures. The Right Brain involves pictures, sound, the BIG picture, understanding, and FUN in learning math. The results are similar, but much easier, faster, and more human in a Pattern Play way.

Right Brain math book
The Right Brain Math book, ebook

& the companion DVD (1 hour)

- 96 pages of worksheets, graphics, tables to support multiple learning strategies.

-25 full page tables that visually show each step

-whimsical drawings that amuses kids and adults & lock in learning.

- 17 full page worksheets (playsheets)

- DVD uses many of the worksheets in the book)

Click HERE to order the book, ebook, & DVD for $24.95- a $41.85 value with a money back guarantee. You will be glad you bought it.